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GRID handles the IT environment for some 1,800 users. "We are working hard every day to keep the continuity and quality of our services high. Offering a secure environment in which sensitive data can be sent is of course part of that." To get municipal employees enthusiastic and well-informed about FileCap right away, a clear user manual was created. "People use Outlook, and with the FileCap plug-in, employees can send sensitive data securely with one check mark in the taskbar. The data is retrieved by the recipient, who can only open the file if he has the password. This password, of course, must meet certain security standards, and that is enforceable."

Henno van Vondel
IT Consultant

Erik van Verseveld, Team Leader & Senior Network and application specialist at Region Rivierenland: "After a brief online search short online search we ended up at FileCap, who offered us a demo. Of course we had some conditions, but after the test it turned out that FileCap completely fulfilled the requirements we had set. Also we heard good reactions from other municipalities who FileCap. Moreover we knew Contec, the supplier of FileCap, as a reliable company that supplies good security products. that delivers good security products. So the demo converted to a permanent license without any problems. The installation is really very simple and can be carried out by any network administrator."

Erik van Verseveld
Team leader & Senior network and application specialist

Service is a high priority at Munsterhuis. The organization regularly tests the quality quality of service through surveys, and also keeps a close eye on the needs of its customers. monitor the customer's needs. Baartman: "If the customer receives a document that is sent with encryption, it must be easy to open and save it. We do not want customers to drop out because it is too much hassle. FileCap proves to be user-friendly for our employees and customers. Moreover, we set up the FileCap portal with our own look & feel; so our employees, customers and partners end up in a recognizable recognizable Munsterhuis environment. This too fits perfectly with our commitment to quality and service."

Frank Baartman
System administrator at Munsterhuis

Pro-Install is a valued IT partner in the SME, and especially in this segment a lot of IT management and maintenance is outsourced. Therefore Pro-Install offers FileCap in two ways. Van der Gouw: "Nowadays, many SMEs work in the cloud. They don't have servers. For that, we offer FileCap as a service, in addition to being a product that you can also install on your own server. We arrange the hosting and take care of the licensing structure, and the customer is happy that we take everything off their hands and that they can still use a secure sharing service that complies with laws and regulations. For customers who are a bit larger, and do have sufficient bandwidth and a server space have, we implement FileCap so it runs on-premises."

Robbert van der Gouw
Director Pro-Install

"Customers who do not have their own server environment can also turn to ComPromise Domino . Normally, we install the FileCap server in the customer's environment. But we also work for companies that outsource their IT and use our cloud servers. Thanks to FileCap's MSP model, we will soon be installing FileCap on our cloud servers so that multiple parties can use it. Because we work with data centers that are ISO certified, and themselves meet the standards of ISO27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and NEN7510:2011, customers know that they are compliant. We expect that this secure service will not only be successful with our existing customers, but will also put us in touch with new, interesting prospects."

Maurice de Wit
Team Leader Sales

"Biga Group works with sensitive personal data of employees with a distance to the labor market. These employees are properly supervised, which requires a lot of administration and documentation. Heavy documents with personal data used to be sent via the cloud solution WeTransfer. This had no security, and it also required a lot of actions before the document could be sent. Biga Group wanted to replace this with a secure, user-friendly solution. We found this in FileCap."

Bas Arendshorst
Computerization & Automation

Xantion's customers average between 20 and 250 workstations and use FileCap to send send different types of information. "Of course when you think of privacy-sensitive information you immediately immediately think of healthcare institutions and that's right, they use FileCap a lot," says Oelen. "But we also have accounting firms and a pension consultant who send their files with encryption via FileCap. There's even a brokerage firm that doesn't want to risk an AVG fine and therefore mails with FileCap." Xantion offers FileCap in two ways. The FileCap server can be installed on a company's server installed, then it runs locally. Customers can also choose to use FileCap as-a-Service, and then pay a fixed monthly fee to use the Xantion service 'sending attachments securely'. Oelen: "Both situations work fine. After we have installed FileCap installed, customers can start using it right away. Just as easy as water from the tap. Subsequently, we hardly ever hear anything about it. No comments or complaints: that means good news for all parties."

Peter Oelen
Operational Director Xantion

Currently, 700 GGD employees use FileCap, and in the past year, 190,000 documents have been securely uploaded and forwarded. "These figures show that our employees are using FileCap frequently and without problems. As an IT administrator, I am also very pleased with the solution. Many companies do not realize that e-mail is a relatively old-fashioned product, where it is possible for uninvited guests to look in. For us as a GGD, it is essential to combat this, and to email files in such a way that security is guaranteed. With FileCap, we have this nicely taken care of."

Charles Seegers
System administrator at GGD Utrecht region

JPR's attorneys and secretaries make extensive use of FileCap. The Outlook plug-in makes it very easy to send files securely. We haven't had to do any training; the product is very intuitive. An important additional advantage is that we can also send our customers an invite to email us the documents encrypted. That way we ensure that security goes both ways, which is important with legal documents. "It's not very practical to use a secure-mail solution alongside a secure file-transfer platform. Having these solutions available within one environment provides overview and simplicity. We like that at JPR Lawyers."

JPR Lawyers
IT Manager at JPR Advocaten

FileCap was installed by the IT team in April 2018. "That was easy to do, we had it up and running within half an hour. Then we informed all the staff and sent a user manual around. FileCap is very intuitive, so many staff only had to see it once and were able to get started. Thanks to an Outlook plug-in from FileCap, it is now easier to send an attachment securely by email than to use WeTransfer, for example. Then you see that the product just adds up."

Gerben Wolsink
System administration team leader at ATAG

In 2018, the educational institutions AOC Oost and Groene Welle merged into one organization: the Niels Bunskoek: "The merger was quite a challenge, also in terms of IT. We completed the merger last summer, and then we had time to compare different file transfer solutions side by side. First and foremost was that the solution could be run locally and that the ease of use was high. As an educational institution, we have a limited budget, so we looked at pricing with a keen eye. FileCap emerged as the most suitable solution." Not only should the product score high quality, the educational organization believes that the cooperation with the supplier must also be equal. Bunskoek explains: "With large software vendors, you are often no more than a number. That's not a bad thing if everything is running fine. But if something goes wrong, or you have a special request, it's nice if the supplier listens to you and takes you seriously. That's what FileCap does! One example: the password to open mail attachments is sent via SMS. We were already working with an SMS center and wanted to continue using it. FileCap then added it to their SMS provider list. This shows that FileCap likes to think with us, and that creates a lot of trust."

Niek Bunskoek
Manager of Information Security and Privacy at Zone.College

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