FileCap: A low-cost Cryptshare alternative

Are you a current user of Cryptshare and looking for a better, more affordable and interesting solution for secure file sharing? Then FileCap is the right place for you!

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We understand that there are times when you feel that Cryptshare doesn't quite meet your needs. That's why we'd like to introduce you to FileCap, the ultimate solution for secure file sharing and encrypted emailing.

Why FileCap is the smart choice as a Cryptshare alternative

  1. Usability: FileCap offers an intuitive user experience, without complex processes. It's designed with you in mind, making secure file sharing effortless. No unnecessary notifications or pop-ups: simple and effective.
  2. More functionality: FileCap not only lets you share files but also communicate securely via email. It offers an all-in-one solution for your security needs, and you can fully customize the interface to match your company's identity.
  3. Pricing flexibility: FileCap offers several licensing options, including user and domain licenses, so you can make the perfect choice that fits your company's needs and budget, but always with full functionality: no bundles or upgrades, 1 price, all functionality.

Why current Cryptshare users are switching to FileCap

Many Cryptshare users have reported the following negative aspects of their experience with Cryptshare:

  1. Complexity: Using Cryptshare can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming, especially for non-technical users.
  2. Moderate support: Following Pointsharp's acquisition of Cryptshare, many customers report that support for problems leaves much to be desired.  
  3. High cost: Cryptshare can be expensive, especially if you want to use all the necessary features.

Switch to FileCap and save

If you're ready to switch to a better alternative, FileCap is the right choice for you. We understand your needs and want to help you make a smooth transition. Contact us now to receive a competitive quote and find out how FileCap can help your business securely share and communicate files.


With FileCap, you can...

Send e-mails & files securely

The FileCap add-in makes sending a secure email or sensitive files child's play. Check out how it works below:

Receive emails & files securely

Invite someone to send you large files or a message securely with FileCap. Fast and simple!

Using multiple verification methods

Choose one of four available authentication methods: password, code via email, code via SMS or a company password. Sending extra sensitive information? Simply use a second verification.

Apply your own corporate identity

Customize your FileCap portal with a large background, your company logo and, of course, matching colors. The emails that you send with FileCap will also automatically receive your house style. Very familiar for your customers.

BDO FileCap Portal

Reduce the risk of data breaches

By taking advantage of the additional security options, business rules to monitor the content of emails and messages and the ability to retract sent messages, you reduce the likelihood of data breaches.

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