Withdrawing mail in Outlook? There is a smarter way

Sending an e-mail to the wrong recipient or adding the wrong files can happen to anyone. Mail application Outlook offers options to recover sent emails, but with limitations. Stay in full control of your sent emails and files with FileCap's email security solution.

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Recall e-mail from software such as Outlook

A mistake with e-mail is easy to make. When entering a recipient or adding an attachment, you overlook something in the rush and later turn out to have written to the wrong person or sent the wrong file. Such a mistake can have major consequences; sending confidential information is a data breach. How serious such a leak is depends on what measures you have taken to prevent unintentional data sharing. Outlook is only partially adequate in this regard. With some skill, Outlook allows you to retrieve an e-mail sent by mistake. Unfortunately, this functionality has significant limitations.

Outlook's limitations in retracting an email  

In order to revoke a sent mail in Outlook, it is in fact necessary that the recipient also uses Outlook in combination with mail server Exchange. If that is not the case, and the recipient uses Gmail via the browser or the Thunderbird mail program, for example, the functionality will not work. In any case, it is difficult to determine exactly how the receiving party mails. (By the way, if the sender is using the web version of Outlook or Outlook on the Mac, the recall is not available anyway).

Added to this is the fact that the ability to retract can be further complicated by Microsoft's own Azure Information Protection (AIP), which allows organizations to additionally protect messages and their content, making mail sometimes unretractable. All in all, this makes e-mail withdrawal from Outlook an issue with all kinds of ifs and buts. Even if the conditions are met, the question remains whether the recall makes sense if the recipient has already read the message and perhaps even forwarded it.

Securely retract emails in Outlook with FileCap

FileCap makes it possible to send and receive e-mail in a safer way, to exchange large attachments and you have the possibility to withdraw your mail, including the removal of wrong attachments. After you have sent an email via FileCap (from Outlook), you will receive a confirmation of sending from the FileCap server containing a link. To retract the message, click on this link and you can confirm in the FileCap portal that you wish to retract the mail. There is no time limit associated with this functionality, so you can do this at any time.

So if you want more security over sent e-mail, FileCap provides an additional way to ensure security and control over sent messages and files. FileCap integrates seamlessly with Outlook and offers standard functionality to retract email, regardless of the mail platform used. FileCap also offers more security to administrators: they can see who communications are being exchanged with and block them through FileCap's admin console.

In short, FileCap is a smarter way to avoid errors with outgoing mail and increases compliance with the AVG. Mail revocation is so simple that both experienced and novice users can do it themselves, without additional instructions, training or adjustment of settings. The recipient will notice that opening the mail is no longer successful, rendering sent information and files completely inaccessible.


With FileCap, you can...

Send e-mails & files securely

The FileCap add-in makes sending a secure email or sensitive files child's play. Check out how it works below:

Receive emails & files securely

Invite someone to send you large files or a message securely with FileCap. Fast and simple!

Using multiple verification methods

Choose one of four available authentication methods: password, code via email, code via SMS or a company password. Sending extra sensitive information? Simply use a second verification.

Apply your own corporate identity

Customize your FileCap portal with a large background, your company logo and, of course, matching colors. The emails that you send with FileCap will also automatically receive your house style. Very familiar for your customers.

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Reduce the risk of data breaches

By taking advantage of the additional security options, business rules to monitor the content of emails and messages and the ability to retract sent messages, you reduce the likelihood of data breaches.

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