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Are you looking for a way to send documents securely? FileCap allows you to send your large documents without worrying about the security of your data.

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Send documents securely and reliably with FileCap

Secure large file transfer with FileCap

FileCap's advanced security features ensure that your files are protected during transmission, so you can focus on what really matters. FileCap offers not only security, but also ease of use and efficiency when sending large documents.

Safety First

FileCap offers unparalleled security for all your documents. Whether you're sending sensitive business information or personal files, our end-to-end encryption keeps everything protected. Our security measures meet the highest standards, such as GDPR and ISO 27001, so you can send large documents with peace of mind. In addition, FileCap uses two-factor authentication and advanced access controls to prevent unauthorized access.

Big file transfer

How to transfer big files? FileCap lets you send large documents effortlessly. No more hassle with email attachment limits or insecure file transfers. Our solution is designed to send large documents quickly and securely. No more worrying about the size of your documents. FileCap supports sending documents up to several gigabytes without sacrificing speed or security. Plus, you can easily manage sending limits and permissions, giving you complete control over your document traffic.

User-friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to share large files online securely. No technical knowledge required - anyone can use FileCap to send documents securely. The clear and user-friendly environment allows you to get started right away, without any training. The interface is designed with the user in mind, with drag-and-drop functionality and clear instructions on every screen, so you can work quickly and efficiently.

Reliable Support

At FileCap, we are here to support you. Our expert support team is available to answer all your questions and resolve any issues quickly. Your satisfaction and security are our top priority. We offer support through multiple channels, including phone and email, so you get the help you need. Our extensive knowledge base and tutorials ensure that you can also find answers to common questions on your own.

Flexible Integrations

FileCap integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows. Whether you work with Outlook, Gmail or other email platforms, our solution adapts effortlessly to your needs. As a result, you can continue working as usual without interruption. FileCap provides plug-ins and APIs for a wide range of software applications, allowing you to send and receive files directly from your favorite programs. These integrations ensure that your workflows remain efficient and that you don't waste time with cumbersome procedures.

Additional Functionalities

FileCap also offers additional features that further enhance document security and management. Audit trails allow you to see exactly who accessed your documents and when, providing complete transparency and accountability. In addition, expiration settings let you control how long documents remain available, giving you control over the lifespan of shared documents.


With FileCap, you can...

Send e-mails & files securely

The FileCap add-in makes sending a secure email or sensitive files child's play. Check out how it works below:

Receive emails & files securely

Invite someone to send you large files or a message securely with FileCap. Fast and simple!

Using multiple verification methods

Choose one of four available authentication methods: password, code via email, code via SMS or a company password. Sending extra sensitive information? Simply use a second verification.

Apply your own corporate identity

Customize your FileCap portal with a large background, your company logo and, of course, matching colors. The emails that you send with FileCap will also automatically receive your house style. Very familiar for your customers.

BDO FileCap Portal

Reduce the risk of data breaches

By taking advantage of the additional security options, business rules to monitor the content of emails and messages and the ability to retract sent messages, you reduce the likelihood of data breaches.

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