Sending large files via mail

Want to send large files without running into limits? In this article, we explain how to send files with large attachments via email.

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Sending large files via mail - Gmail

E-mail is still the most popular business medium for communicating and sending files. Despite the great popularity of e-mail and technical developments that make it increasingly secure and convenient, a common problem remains that mail servers prevent you from sending large files. The result: error messages and user frustration.

When this happens, you often see within organizations that employees look for solutions themselves and end up with insecure services. Or, when it comes to internal file traffic, people opt to use a USB stick or SD card. Often, users do their own research and come up with the most creative and exotic solutions. But from a security perspective, this is exactly what you don't want!

Another "solution" is sometimes to compress files to zip format. While such an action does reduce the size of files, with some file types it makes little difference and the package to be sent remains too large for the mail server even as .zip.

Why are there limits on mail servers?

Providers of e-mail services such as Outlook and Gmail impose limits on file sizes because inbox space is limited. Storage space can be scarce, which is why they restrict mail senders from sending large files. This is exactly why cloud-based file-sharing services are growing in popularity; only one service is not the other.

The solution: sending large files via FileCap

If working easily and security are important to you, FileCap is the ideal solution for sending large files via email without geode. FileCap is fully AVG compliant and is able to check email and files for sensitive content via business rules.

With FileCap, you don't have to worry about maximum file sizes and can exchange large files with anyone - both inside and outside your own organization. All outgoing mails and files are automatically encrypted by FileCap to ensure that third parties do not have access.

Organizations choose FileCap because of its high standards in terms of security, unparalleled ease of use, fast uploads and integration with the Outlook mail package (also Outlook Web Access) within Microsoft Office. Compression or switching to alternative services for sending large files via mail is no longer necessary with FileCap!


With FileCap, you can...

Send e-mails & files securely

The FileCap add-in makes sending a secure email or sensitive files child's play. Check out how it works below:

Receive emails & files securely

Invite someone to send you large files or a message securely with FileCap. Fast and simple!

Using multiple verification methods

Choose one of four available authentication methods: password, code via email, code via SMS or a company password. Sending extra sensitive information? Simply use a second verification.

Apply your own corporate identity

Customize your FileCap portal with a large background, your company logo and, of course, matching colors. The emails that you send with FileCap will also automatically receive your house style. Very familiar for your customers.

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Reduce the risk of data breaches

By taking advantage of the additional security options, business rules to monitor the content of emails and messages and the ability to retract sent messages, you reduce the likelihood of data breaches.

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