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As simple and safe as it gets

Send and receive secure e-mails with (large) files in a few simple clicks. Because of our security methods, your data is always safe.

Fully compliant with AVG/GDPR legislation
Personal and fast support
One license -> all features

How it works.

Set up an email
Add (large) files
Set verification (optional)
Send message
Recipient opens message

Available for

Outlook, Office 365, iOS & Android

An add-in or app is available for Microsoft Outlook (2016 and later), Outlook Web (OWA), Outlook Office 365, Outlook for MacOS, Apple iOS and for Android.

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Your data is completely safe

Easily secure your emails and files with Filecap's full data encryption and secure two-factor authentication. Decide which security method you use.

SMS Verification

Enter the cell phone numbers of the recipients and let FileCap send the verification code by SMS automatically.

2Factor verification

Use a 2nd verification method for added security. For example, combine a code by email with verification by SMS.

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FileCap portal

Customizable to your own branding

Make your FileCap environment blend in seamlessly with your own corporate identity. Upload a suitable image as background, add your logo and change the color of the apps and plugins to your desired color. That way, your FileCap frontend will always look good.

  • Own logo, color and background
  • Available for every license
  • Self-adjusting at any time
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Receive emails and files securely

FileCap allows suppliers, customers or visitors to your website to send messages and files to you quickly and easily. FileCap offers three ways to do this:

Invite someone
Personal invitation

From Outlook, the apps or through the web portal, you can quickly and easily invite someone to send you something. Just enter the recipients and they will receive an invitation via email to send something to you securely.

Invitation link via own website

Generate unique links and post them on your own website.

Invitation to shared mailboxes

Always receive candidates' resumes securely at the HR department's email address? That too can be easily arranged with the unique links for shared mailboxes.

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Manage FileCap

Set everything to your liking

In the management portal, administrators can change FileCap's settings. For example:

  • What verification methods users get
  • How long the attachments remain available
  • What notifications users get
  • What plugins and apps are available
  • Disclaimers and texts for notifications
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Watch the explanation video
1 min
Watch the explanation video
1 min
Watch the explanation video
1 min
Watch the explanation video
1 min

Inviting people to FileCap

Users who are not part of your organization can use the FileCap portal at no additional cost. Simply, with a few clicks, send an invitation to your supplier or customer via the Outlook add-in. They accept the invitation and can immediately communicate securely with you via FileCap.

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Also good to know

Fully compliant with AVG/GDPR legislation: servers in Europe.

FileCap is fully compliant with the AVG / GDRP legislation and FileCap servers are always hosted within Europe. Our support department speaks Dutch and English.

More about support

Always directly helped by our support heroes

Support is provided by our Dutch support department. Of course they also speak English and understand their trade!


FileCap uses several encryption methods

Files and messages are stored under AES256 encryption. Communication between the add-ins and apps and the FileCap backend is done with TLS 1.2. Hashing of passwords is done with the PBKDF2 feature.

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Happy customers

GRID manages the IT environment for about 1800 users, we are working hard every day to keep the continuity and quality of our services. Offering offering a safe environment in which sensitive data can can be sent is part of that, of course." To get the municipal employees enthusiastic and well-informed about FileCap right away, a clear user manual was made about FileCap, a clear user manual was created. "People use Outlook, and with the FileCap plugin, employees can send sensitive data securely with a single check mark in the taskbar. sensitive data securely. The data is retrieved by the recipient, who can can only open the file if he has the password. This password must, of course, meet certain security standards, and it is enforceable.

Henno van Vondel

IT Consultant

Erik van Verseveld, Team Leader & Senior Network and application specialist at Region Rivierenland: "After a brief online search short online search we ended up at FileCap, who offered us a demo. Of course we had some conditions, but after the test it turned out that FileCap completely fulfilled the requirements we had set. Also we heard good reactions from other municipalities who FileCap. Moreover we knew Contec, the supplier of FileCap, as a reliable company that supplies good security products. that delivers good security products. So the demo converted to a permanent license without any problems. The installation is really very simple and can be carried out by any network administrator."

Erik van Verseveld

Team leader & Senior network and application specialist

Service is a high priority at Munsterhuis. The organisation regularly tests the quality quality of service by means of surveys, and also keeps a close eye on the customer's needs. The organization regularly tests the quality of service by means of surveys, and also keeps a close eye on the customer's needs. Baartman: "If the customer receives a document that has been sent sent with encryption, it must be easy for him to open and save. We We don't want customers to give up because it's too much of a hassle. FileCap has proven to be user-friendly for both our employees and our clients. Moreover, we have set up the FileCap portal with our look & feel, so our employees, customers and partners end up in a recognisable Munsterhuis environment. Munsterhuis environment. This also fits perfectly with our commitment to quality and service."

Frank Baartman

System administrator at Munsterhuis

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also send large files with FileCap?

Yes, there are no "limits" with FileCap, so files of 10Gb are not a problem

Does FileCap scan for viruses?

Yes, FileCap has an onboard antivirus engine that checks for viruses

Does FileCap have certifications?

Yes, FileCap has the ISO27001 certification.

How does the licensing model work?

For SaaS & On-premise: only the users that are going to use FileCap need to be counted, it's that simple!

Can FileCap also be used to safely receive files?

This can be done very easily through our "invitation" feature within FileCap


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