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As a FileCap partner, it is possible for you as an MSP to manage all your clients from the Cloud Console. You can also become a FileCap reseller if you are not an MSP.

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FileCap MSP

The FileCap MSP portal is easy to use and allows you to quickly register customers and provide them with test licenses or convert them to a paid license. You have control over the customers and licenses, start trials yourself and take care of the configuration. In addition, it is the ideal place to keep an overview of your active customers and their licenses.

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FileCap administrator portal

The FileCap administrator portal is easy and quick to configure. With the administrator portal you configure the FileCap apps, add-ins, web portal and server. You set your branding, define the authentication options and set the other options. The dashboard and logging give you all the information about the daily and historical use of the FileCap solution.

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What can you do as a Filecap partner?

Simple license management

Start your own test licenses for your prospects and convert to a paid license when it becomes a customer. More users? Upgrade easily in the meantime with FileCap's license management.

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MSP / partner dashboard

From the dashboard you can easily click through to the different customer environments, change settings and support your customers.

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Private hosted

The FileCap Platform can be placed in your own data center where you can host your own clients. If you have your clients hosted in your own cloud environment, then you can offer FileCap with it.

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Own branding

Let your customers keep their own identity by setting their logo, background and color scheme. You set this up quickly and easily per customer environment.

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Happy customers

Pro-Install is a valued IT partner in the SMEs, and it is precisely in this segment that a great deal of IT management and maintenance is outsourced. That is why Pro-Install FileCap in two ways. Van der Gouw: "FileCap is a product that you install on your own server, but many MKB-ers work in the but many SME people work in the cloud and don't have a server. cloud and don't have a server. That's not a problem, because we also offer FileCap as a service. We We arrange the hosting and take care of the licensing structure, and the customer is happy that we are taking and that they can still use a safe sharing service that complies with laws and regulations. regulations. For clients that are a bit larger, and do have enough bandwidth and a server in house, we implement we implement FileCap so it runs on premise."

Robbert van der Gouw

Director Pro-Install

"Customers who do not have their own server environment can also turn to ComPromise Domino . Normally, we install the FileCap server in the customer's environment. But we also work for companies that outsource their IT and use our cloud servers. Thanks to FileCap's MSP model, we will soon be installing FileCap on our cloud servers so that multiple parties can use it. Because we work with data centers that are ISO certified, and themselves meet the standards of ISO27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and NEN7510:2011, customers know that they are compliant. We expect that this secure service will not only be successful with our existing customers, but will also put us in touch with new, interesting prospects."

Maurice de Wit

Team Leader Sales

Xantion's clients have between 20 and 250 workstations on average and use FileCap to send different types of information. "Of course when you think of privacy-sensitive information you immediately to healthcare institutions and that's right, they use FileCap a lot," Oelen says. "But we also have accounting firms and a pension advisor who send their files with encryption via FileCap. There's even a real estate agency that doesn't want to run the risk of an AVG fine and so emails with FileCap." Xantion offers FileCap in two ways. The FileCap server can be installed on a company's server, then it runs locally. installed, in which case it runs locally. Clients can also choose to use FileCap asa service, and then pay a fixed monthly fee for the use of the Xantion service for the secure sending of attachments. Oelen: "Both situations work fine. After we have installed FileCap we install FileCap, customers can start using it right away. Just as easy as getting water from the tap. Then we hardly ever hear anything about it. No comments or complaints: that's good news for good news for all parties."

Peter Oelen

Operational Director Xantion

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also send large files with FileCap?

Yes, there are no "limits" with FileCap, so files of 10Gb are not a problem

Does FileCap scan for viruses?

Yes, FileCap has an onboard antivirus engine that checks for viruses

Can FileCap also be used to safely receive files?

This can be done very easily through our "invitation" feature within FileCap

Does FileCap have certifications?

Yes, FileCap has the ISO27001 certification.

Does FileCap comply with the AVG/GDPR legislation?

Yes, FileCap is "the" solution to meet this. The cloud environment is located within Europe.

About FileCap

FileCap is here for any reseller or MSP. We have no minimum purchase or start-up costs. The platform is provided free of charge and you can get started right away.

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