FileCap for accountants, tax consultants and administration firms

Easily send and receive financial documents, financial statements, salary information and tax documents? Give clients a secure place for submitting the documents and securely send all documents and records to clients yourself via FileCap.

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FileCap for accountants, tax consultants and administration firms

FileCap for financial statements

Administrative offices, tax consultants and accountants process sensitive financial data of clients on a daily basis. As such, it is imperative that data is transferred and stored securely. With growing cyber threats and stricter data protection laws and regulations, it is imperative to take the right measures to ensure data security.

Dutch solution, so according to the AVG

FileCap offers a secure file transfer solution designed specifically for tax consultants, administration offices and accountants. For example, the delivery of annual figures, tax returns and financial reports and all the information required for these can be facilitated securely from the FileCap portal. With FileCap, your employees can easily send an invitation to your clients to safely deliver the required information. Your customers will then directly access your own FileCap environment, which is formatted in your characteristic (unique) house style, and the necessary files can be uploaded directly.

FileCap is a Dutch software solution available to businesses since 2012. The solution is similar to WeTransfer, but secure and GDPR / AVG compliant, with control over your own data and with many more options and features such as add-ins in Outlook and an extensive API.


Because multiple authentication options are available, your customers can also securely and easily share their information regarding personnel administration, for example, with you. For solid pieces, FileCap allows you to use 2-factor authentication, for example through a combination of an access code by email and then a code via SMS.

Your colleagues can also quickly and securely send documents, annual figures, reports and financial information to clients via the portal or from Outlook and Office 365, using the add-ins. The customers will receive a neat e-mail, again in your house style and with logo and color scheme, containing a button that refers to your own FileCap portal. Once a customer has read the message, you receive a confirmation. If a customer has downloaded a file, the sender receives a confirmation. Did someone accidentally send the wrong files to someone or choose the wrong recipient? No problem, the sender can immediately withdraw the message and the files. How safe!

Your customers will get a familiar feeling when deploying FileCap: it is secure, it fits completely within the organization's corporate identity and it is fully AVG-proof.


With FileCap, you can...

Send e-mails & files securely

The FileCap add-in makes sending a secure email or sensitive files child's play. Check out how it works below:

Receive emails & files securely

Invite someone to send you large files or a message securely with FileCap. Fast and simple!

Using multiple verification methods

Choose one of four available authentication methods: password, code via email, code via SMS or a company password. Sending extra sensitive information? Simply use a second verification.

Apply your own corporate identity

Customize your FileCap portal with a large background, your company logo and, of course, matching colors. The emails that you send with FileCap will also automatically receive your house style. Very familiar for your customers.

BDO FileCap Portal

Reduce the risk of data breaches

By taking advantage of the additional security options, business rules to monitor the content of emails and messages and the ability to retract sent messages, you reduce the likelihood of data breaches.

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