Important information about the new Outlook version and FileCap integration

With the arrival of a Web-based version, Microsoft is evening out the differences between Outlook for PC and Mac. Now that Microsoft has released an early version of this, several changes are apparent. As a FileCap user, it is important to be aware of the impact of this new Outlook version on FileCap's operation. On this page, we share important information and our response to this development.

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Why the change
The well-known mail program Outlook has been around for years and is available as an application for Windows and Mac, as part of the Office suite. There has also long been a Web version that you use through a browser. (FileCap works as a plug-in on both platforms.)

In early 2021, Microsoft decided under codename "Project Monarch" to start merging the different versions of Outlook into a universal app, with the goal of a smaller code to develop in-house and an equal user experience for all. In the process, the original apps for Windows and Mac will remain available and will continue to exist alongside the universal app for now.

Impact of the new Outlook version
In the new Outlook app for Windows and Mac, one of the main changes is the discontinuation of support for COM/VSTO add-ins, which adversely affects all plug-ins, including FileCap. Unfortunately, this change makes the classic FileCap Outlook Plug-in no longer function in the new version. We understand that this this development can be challenging for our users, as the plug-in is convenient way to send and receive secure mail and files through Outlook.

Possible solution: using the FileCap Office 365 variant
FileCap is prepared for this development and offers a FileCap Office 365 add-in as an alternative solution. This variant uses the capabilities within Office 365 to securely send and receive files. Although FileCap for Office 365 offers the same functionality, it is important to note that restoring sent items in the inbox is not possible with the add-in for now.

Collaboration and ongoing development
We understand the impact of this change and are exploring with our development team opportunities to improve FileCap integration for future versions of Outlook. We will continue to provide updates and once a solution is available, we will share it with our customers through our channels.

Should you have any questions or experience any problems with the new Outlook version and FileCap integration as a result of the above, please contact our support department.


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